Photo Essay: The Field Trip

Earlier this year (late last school year, that is), I chaperoned Jethro’s field trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences.  I chronicled a bit about it in my article “Looking for an Adventure? Try Chaperoning a Bunch of Fifth Graders!” over at

giraffe skeleton on display

During the field trip, I took a bunch of pictures to post as a photo essay.  But, because of my long lead times, and tight scheduling here at Fadderly (ie…I forgot all about it), I didn’t get a chance to post it.

what's a trip to a museum without seeing fossilized poop?

So…in honor of Back to School, I bring you Photo Essay:  The Field trip.

(insert your favorite celebrity name here) taking a nap.

I am willing to admit I like museums.  But, then again, I like anything that gets me the hell out of work for the day, too.  Except, maybe, getting my teeth scraped, West Nile Virus, meetings, constipation, anaphylactic shock and that cataract test they run at the optometrist (that shit I super doubly hate!).  Other than that, though, if an opportunity arises to schedule a day off, your friendly neighborhood jman is taking it.  Yes.  Even if that means I gotta chaperone a bunch of mental patients (my apologies to all my mental patient readers).  So, off to the museum I went!

get down with your bad selves!

They had tons of exhibits and displays the kids completely ignored.  We came upon this one exhibit, though, where they could go in front of a green screen and pretend like they’re being chased by dinosaurs.  The boys in my group?  They were dancing the latest dance crazes. Like the Pop and Lock and the Moonwalk, or whatever stupid dances kids do today.

"the billie jean is not my lover. she's just a girl who claims that I am the one"

The thing with museums like this and 5 graders is that, they really aren’t made for one another.  Much like Disney World and kids.  Suresuresure.  They’re interactive and all.  But, kids (boys, mostly) have the attention spans of  fleas on steroids.  All’s they care about is food, climbing, food, being stupid and punching each other in the nuts.

But, we (I) soldiered on.  One of the kids was kind enough to point out the butt in the above display.  And, yep, each kid giggled as we passed that ass.

Not a fan of possums.  But, I love this commercial (I can’t wait to get that check from Geico now):

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We continued to “wander” the displays…

A lot of “the circle of life” stuff.

i hate seals too. i know if they had opposable thumbs, they'd be clubbing the shit out of us. we got the thumbs, we do the clubbin'.

Take that you fucking seal!


Has the world been clamoring for a Marie Curie bobblehead.?

Of course, the second we got there, the boys started crying about going into the souvenir shop.  I held them off for awhile, like 2 minutes.  I made them go through a few exhibits, until I couldn’t take the mindfucking any more. The shop had a bunch of cool, overpriced crap, as per usual.  Most of which you could get at your local Walmart, 175 bucks cheaper.

These Hex Bug things seem pretty cool.  But this larve one?  Not so much.  Even plastic, motorized larva is disturbing.

ugh. i think i just lost my appetite.

All in all, it was a pain-ish experience.  But, it was a helluva lot better than being at work for the day!