Song of the Week: Abacab

I hate Genesis.

I really do.  I hate all classic rock, though.  I can’t help it.  It’s in my blood.

But, uhhhh…maybe, just maybe, classic rock isn’t so bad. Or maybe it’s just something I’m starting to come to terms with, because of the sorry state of “music” these days.


I take guitar lessons.  Nonono.  Don’t feel obligated to be impressed.  I’m not any good.  I’m terrible, to be perfectly honest.  I’m not trying to be a rock star or anything like that.  I just wanna learn to play some songs and pretend I’m a rock star.  I’d like to be able to walk into Guitar Center and rip a few riffs like those show-off lil punks do.

god! i hate the lil punks that go to this store and start shredding. fucking show offs!

I don’t have issues.

two words: sucks

Getting back to classic rock and how much is sucks (as does Marvel), I’ve been learning to play “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas.  I just want to learn those few riffs.  You know the ones.  Deh neh neh neh.  Deh neh neh neh. Deh neh neh nehnehneh Nehneh.  Nehneh.  Yea.  Those.  Rock on!

Because I have a slight retardation when it comes to playing the guitar (I can’t play), this other tune kept getting stuck in my head while I was practicing “Carry On..”.  So much so, that I wasn’t playing “Carry on…” right.  I couldn’t figure out the song I was playing.  But, I knew it was a real song.

Fucking Abacab.

I don’t know when it dawned on me that it was Abacab, but eventually it did.

Now before any of you tell me “Carry on…” doesn’t sound anything like “Abacab” and agree with me that I shouldn’t be allowed to even hold a guitar, hear me out.

probably should be mandatory for your friendly neighborhood jman, anyway.

I said something to the kid that teaches me to play (yea, he’s a kid.  I won’t even get into how weird that this show off of a 20 year old is trying to teach me how to play) about the two songs sounding similar.  And, yea, it turns out they are in the same key.  Or tone.  Whatever.  Point is, I was right.

Fucking Abacab.

Now, I can’t get it out of my head.  Maybe it’s not such a bad song, though.  Ever listen to the words?

“…when you wake in the morning

Wake and find you’re covered in cellophane.

Well there’s a hole in there somewhere…”

Uhhhhh…what!?!?  Here’s the whole diddy for you to check out…

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So.  To recap…what have we learned today?

Genesis?  Sucks.

Classic rock?  Sucks.

Marvel?  Sucks.


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2 Replies to “Song of the Week: Abacab”

  1. You def. have issues – lol -but, you are so right about abacab – never did get that one! (scary thing is, I did not have to even listen to it to remember the lyrics). I like my classic rock to go all the way back to Zepplin and Cream – then I am good with it!

    1. did i really need to announce i had issues? or wasn’t that just assumed?

      Zepplin and Cream…ugh. tired of them too!

      smiling! 🙂

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