I Hate Playdates

Ohhhhh…man!  Your friendly neighborhood jman is fired up!  The blood’s all angered up.  Check this out:

It’s not so much that I hate the concept of playdates. It’s more that I hate the term itself. Well, now I’m lying. I hate the concept, too. And, yes, I know that “hate” is a really strong word. And “we” shouldn’t use it. So let’s just say I have a really strong dislike for playdates.

Hate!  The Mofo used the word “hate”.  In the title even!  Damn!  I Hate Playdates is now playing over at parentsociety.com.  I don’t know why you’re still wasting you time here.  But, since you are, let me play you a little tune:

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How cute ARE those boots?


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Toon:  icanhascheezburger.com

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