Planet of the Jakes. SE: Starring Jethro!

The other day (as all my tales tend to begin), Sarah was in the lower level of our humble abode (the basement) doing her homework on the couch.  Jethro, having nothing to do at that particular moment, decided to antagonize the sleeping lioness that is his sister interact with his sister.

BUT….before we do, let’s pause here for a sec.  Couple of things to note before we go any further.  Sarah and Jethro are like oil and vinegar.  They don’t mix. At all.  Sarah is one of those super genius, super obsessive, go getting people.  Jethro?  Well…he’s an 11 year old boy.  All’s he cares about is jumping over shit, breaking shit, and eating.

All that being said, we now return you to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress (God!  I hated when they did shit when I was younger.  Especially when the stupid president would come on and interrupt Happy Days.  Stupid president.).

“So…Sarah?”  Jethro said rather aimlessly, looking around the mess that is our basement lower level.

“What?”  Sarah snapped with all the annoyance a 15 year old can muster.

“You gonna drop out of school next year?”  Jethro nodded in her general direction.

Sarah’s face scowled over.  “What???”

“Are you gonna drop out of school next year?”  Jethro repeated.

“Are you nuts?”  Sarah hissed.  “I’m in the top of my class.  Why would I drop out next year?”

“You’ll be 16.”  Jethro shrugged.  “You’ll be able to drop out, if you want.”

Sarah rolled her eyes impatiently.  “Whatever, Jett.”  She jotted something down on her notebook.  “No.  I’m not dropping out next year.”  She paused for a moment.  “Why?  Are you going to when your 16?”  She added.

Listen, I’ll be the first to tell you my kids are pretty fucking brilliant. But, um…I don’t think any of the got the number of this guy.

Jethro considered it for a long moment.  “Nah.  Probably not.”  He finally decided.

“Yea?  Why?”  Sarah asked with a smirk, still bewildered by Jethro’s line of questioning.

“Probably cause Dad won’t let me.”  Jethro replied with another helpless shrug.

“Yea.”  Sarah rolled her eyes.  “He sure is a stickler that way.”


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