Wayback Machine’s Song of the Week: Ain’t Nothing Wrong With It

“…it don’t matter…”

it's completely safe-ish!

Hey kids!  It’s time to take another trip in the wayback machine!  So, gather up your belongings, take small children by the hand.  And, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT’S GOOD AND HOLY, no flash photography.  I get in a lot of shit when you guys use flash photography from those French dudes I’m borrowing this wayback machine from.

you heard the mouse! click in the image to follow!

The year was 2006.  Pope Benedict XVI issued his first encycylical, Deus Caritas Est (dude! i can’t tell you how PUMPED i was for that), Twitter was launched in July, and your friendly neighborhood jman was a mere 36 years young.

couldn't find a stupid Jumpstart logo...

Back in those good ol’ days, I used to watch a lot of the show, Jumpstart, on VH1.  It was the only time during the day that the two main music channels actually played music videos.  At 7 o’clock in the morning.  Nononono.  I didn’t actually watch the show at 7 in the morning.  I watched it later on at night.  I was back then (and continue to be) not very independently wealthy.

The reason why I watched Jumpstart?  Is that what you’re asking yourself?  Well, I’ll be happy to answer.  It’s because it was the only real way to hear new music.  Much like now, radio sucked hard back then too.  I actually gave a shit about hearing new music back in the year of our lord, 2006, unlike today.  Mostly because of all the bleeding the crap “they” call music these days does to my ears.

Also how they remove earwigs.

Anyway, one day, Jumpstart aired this video.  And after watching it several hundred times (thank god for DVRs!) I immediately went out and bought the cd.  Yes.  I actually exchanged currency for services rendered, those services being the making/delivery/stocking of said disc.

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I defy you to listen to this song and not want to do naughty things to that redhead crawling around in the video.  Or the gal in the poodle skirt.  You know the one I’m talking about to rock out!  And when the RR logo on the side of the trailer at the beginning pulses?  Fucking LOVE that!

To me, this song is actual proof that good music can still be made.  Well, at least it could still be made 6 years ago.  Today?  I think we all must suffer from some  sort of vitamin deficiency that causes us to “like” current musical poopery.  Probably some master plan of the Russians.  Or aliens.  Yea…definitely aliens.


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5 Replies to “Wayback Machine’s Song of the Week: Ain’t Nothing Wrong With It”

  1. Yeah, that was a cool one. I remember that song, but had completely forgotten about it. I miss the days when you could check out new music on the music video channels. But, I don’t miss the first days of MTV when they played the same, like, 10 videos over and over and over again.

    1. me, too. there’s enough music videos from the last 30 odd years they could just have a channel dedicated the music videos, right? i’d pay for it…

  2. I majored in Viola Performance, with an emphasis on Classical playing, like Mozart. Snore. The first time I played a Broadway-type Musical, the Conductor told the string section in one scene, to “play it dirty.” Hmm. I’ve been exploring new ways of expressing myself in music ever since. That song is one of the best I’ve ever heard, JMan!

    1. lol! “play it dirty”? you don’t say! that’s something you probably don’t hear every day playing Mozart!

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