Nathaniel’s thoughts on: String cheese

The other night, Nathaniel decided to get ready for bed in Kelly Marie’s bathroom.  Just to mix it up, I suppose.  I sat on her bed, while she got his stuff together for school the next day.    Nathaniel was in the bathroom a moment or two when he called out, “Mommy!  Why do you have string cheese in the bathroom?”

“String cheese?!?!?”  She questioned, looking at me with a shrug.  “I don’t know…”

“Ummm…nevermind.”  He quickly called back.  A second later, he zoomed by her.  “Bye, Mommy.”  He said, heading to his room.

Kelly Marie glanced at me, walking toward her bathroom, a look of questioning on her face.  I shrugged as she disappeared around the corner.  Laughter broke out from behind her.

“What?”  I said, getting up from her bed.  “What is it?”

“Take a look.”  She continued laughing as I walked into the bathroom. “String cheese…”