Tales from the Vacation: Prelude


From the depths of the internets, it’s back!  The series that absolutely NO ONE has been asking about!  The uncritically acclaimed Tales from the Vacation series has returned (God!  I LOVE plumbing the depths of my archives for shit.  It makes my life soooo much easier.), rising like a phoenix out of the ashes of…of…I don’t know.  Something burnt.

A few weeks ago, Kelly Marie and your friendly neighborhood jman went a way for a long weekend.  And, believe you me…have I got a ton of material!!!  None of which I can use, of course.  Like those two old ladies and the smell surrounding them in Disney’s Days of Christmas at Downtown Disney.  God damn, I can’t believe I can’t tell that story. Oh, well.  Your loss, I suppose…

it’s hard to believe humans can produce that kind of smell!

You know how you gotta suffer through your family and friends pictures and stories and shit after their vacations.  Well…this ain’t gonna be much better.  Actually, it’ll probably be worse.  Picture after picture of total and complete nothingness.  They’ll be lots of shots of foliage, baby snails, more foliage, walkways, you name it!  If it’s boring…I took a picture of it!

…and then we sat on this bench for, like, five minutes!!!

Nah…I’m just fucking with ya.  It’ll be fun.  Actually, I’m pretty stoked about it.  It’ll be the best 6 or 7 articles you ever read 1. We even got a giveaway to go along with this whole bit of nonsense.   How about that?  How you like me now?  Don’t you feel bad complaining?!?!?

So…let the fun begin!  With Skymall!


Images courtesy of:

Disney’s Days of Christmas:  photos.igougo.com

  1. Not part of the money back guarantee

4 Replies to “Tales from the Vacation: Prelude”

  1. Wow! A great “Legally Blind” but NOT a bland moment resulted from that mess you call a post! Tales-from-the-vacation-prelude, read as tales-from-the-vacation-perdition! What a ha ha! I am as always ever amused by your totally pull it from randomville moments. Baby snails? Where did that come from? Can’t wait for subsequent visits to Valhalla! Thanks, J-Man!

    1. “perdition”?!?! now that’s funny! that’s what i should’ve called the post.

      yes. i actually did see baby snails. and, yes, i did try and take pics of them. but they were too tiny for my iPhone to focus on. 🙁

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