The Period Buster Pt 2

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So…yea.  Surprise!  Friendly’s was open.  Until midnight, actually.  LMAO!  Like how I did that to you?  Had y’all thinking that Friendly’s wasn’t gonna be open and shit.  That’s what we in the business call a “red herring”.  Get you thinking one way, and…WHAM!  Turns out that’s not where any of our tale lies.



The 8 of us sat around a double table in the middle of Friendly’s, discussing the day’s events.  The only other people in the restaurant that Saturday night were the love birds and the stoners.  The wait staff moped to and fro, just wanting us all to die leave (fucking poetry in motion.  suck it Mark Twain!)

One of the walking dead came up to our table.  “Everyone ready to order?”  She asked, poised with pen and pad in hand.  The waitress went around the table, starting with the kids, taking everyone’s order of various single scoop ice cream sundaes or shakes.  That is, until the waitress came to Kelly Marie.

“What can I get you?”  The waitress asked her.

yes. i’ll take these, please.

Kelly Marie looked at the menu, confirming with herself.  “I’ll take a 3 scoop mint chocolate chip sundae.”  She said, pointing at one of the colorful pictures on the menu.  Kelly Marie paused for a second, then said, almost demurely.  “Better make it 5.”  At that precise moment, all conversations at the table, at the restaurant, probably even throughout the better half of beautiful downtown Ben Salom (probably) came to a screeching halt.

“Five?!?!?” Jakob asked, incredulously.  “Five scoops of ice cream?”

“Yea.”  Kelly Marie narrowed her eyes at the boy.  “You got a problem with that, blondie?”

“Yea.”  Jakob nodded.  Jethro’s associates covered their mouths, murmuring and laughing at the fire Jakob was playing with.  “That’s a lot of ice cream!”

“So it is.”  She nodded, turning her attention back to the waitress.  “I get three toppings with that, right?”  Kelly Marie asked, not waiting for the answer.  “I’ll have the hot fudge, whip cream, and jimmies.  Extra jimmies.  Please.”

“Better put them on the side.”  I chimed in from behind her.

Kelly Marie turned slightly, shooting me a sideways glance.  “I know you’re being “funny”, but that’s a good idea.” She turned back to the waitress, and said sweet as day, “Would you mind giving me some chocolate jimmies on the side, too?”

unless the bowl is this big, don’t bother bringing it out, ok sweetheart?!?!?

“No problem.”  The waitress responded, jotting down the order.  She took a final look around the table.  “Anything else?”

Everyone looked at one another, shaking their heads.  After a brief moment of silence, Kelly Marie spoke up.  “Would you mind putting some of that Reese’s Peanut Butter syrup stuff on mine, too?”  No sooner had the words left her lips then she glared at the boys laughing at her at the other end of the table.  “Not a word.  From any of you.”

“No problem.”  The waitress laughed.  “I’ll be right back with your desserts.”

With orders taken, the boys went back to acting like the dopes they are, dumping sugar packets into each other’s water and such.  Kelly Marie looked over at Sarah and Natalia sitting across the table from us.  They were clearly still stifling the giggles.  “What?”  Kelly Marie shrugged.  She leaned across the table.  “I’m getting my period.”  She whispered to them.

“No!”  Natalia laughed sarcastically.  “Really?!?!?”

“What?  You knew?”  Kelly Marie asked, rather seriously.

I chuckled.  “Yea.  I think that period buster you just ordered kinda gave it away.”

“Whatever.”  She glared.  “Just be glad I had the craving.   Or you’d still be laying in front of that TV.”  She turned away.  “Period buster.  That’s pretty funny.”  She muttered, begrudgingly.  “I’ll period bust you…”

bust those cravings!!!!


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