The Period Buster. PT1

Late last Saturday night, Kelly Marie and I were laying around in the bedroom, watching TV.

“Let’s go.”  She said suddenly, getting up off the bed.

“What???”  I asked, in my infinite confusion.  “Go where?”

“Let’s go to Friendly’s.”  She replied matter of factly, putting on her sneakers.

for ALL your late night cravings. well…maybe not “all” of them.

“What are you talking about?”  I scowled, glancing over at the clock on the nightstand.  “It’s 11:00 at night!”

“So?”  Kelly Marie said, like I was the crazy one.

“Just you and me?”  I asked, watching her move about the room, getting herself together.

“No!”  Again, like I was the crazy one.  “The kids, too.”

I sat up reluctantly. “You know Jethro’s got some of his associates sleeping over…”  I reminded her.

“Ok.”  She shrugged.  “We’ll take them too.”

I shook my head in disbelief, swinging my feet off the bed.

“C’mon!”  She grabbed my arm, pulling me up.  Of course I passively resisted.  You learn a thing or two from dealing with four toddlers.  “We’re never spontaneous.  Let’s just take them all to Friendly’s.”

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” As any toddler will tell you.

I rolled my eyes.   Some folks show spontaneity by booking a last minute trip.  Or impulse buying a Shelby Cobra.  Us?  We take 6 kids to Friendly’s at 11:00 at night.

it is a bad ass ride.

“Fine.”  I grabbed my shoes.  Yes.  Reluctantly (did you really need me to say it?  I mean you gotta get my vibe by now.)  “Let’s go.”

“Great!”  Kelly Marie exclaimed.  I swear she was clapping.  “My treat.  You get the kids, I’ll start the car.”

“Ok.”  I sighed.  “The place probably isn’t even open…”


 “Sarah, Natalia, Jethro, Jakob, Jett’s associate’s.”  I called out from the center of the living room.  “Let’s go!!!”

Muttering arose from every level of the house.  The boys were first to arrive in the living room, walking suspiciously up from the basement and out of the kitchen.

“What’s going on, Rad?”  Jakob asked.  Apparently, there was an edict from Jakob’s home world  recently that the first letter of everyone’s name was to be replaced with the letter “R”.

“Nothing, Rake.  Just get your shoes on.”  I looked over at Jethro and his associates.  “You too.”  I motioned to their shoes lying about the floor.  “Girls!”  I yelled out into the abyss.

“What?!?!?”  They replied from behind their closed bedroom door.

nonono! this door isn’t in my house. i found this pic searching the internets for talking bedroom doors. i’m posting it here cause I can’t believe how much the owner of this door liked Nickelback.

“Let’s roll!”

Their bedroom door creaked open.  “What, Rad?  What do you want?!?!?”

“C’mon!”  I said rather impatiently. If this train didn’t leave the station soon, it wasn’t going to happen.  “We’re gonna go out.”

“Where?”  One of them answered.


“But, it’s after 11.”  Natalia said, half heartedly leaving the room, Sarah in tow.

“I know.”  I motioned to the door.  “Let’s go.”

“Rad….Where we going?”  Jakob asked again.

“Crazytown.”  I looked over at Kelly Marie.  She was smiling like a kid…I don’t know.  Like a kid going to Friendly’s.  I rolled my eyes.  “And it’s gonna be a short trip.  Just get your coat on Rake.”

“Seriously, Dad.  Where we going?”  Sarah asked, plopping herself down on the couch.

“I’ll tell you as soon as everyone has their coats on and is ready to go.”  The 6 of them continued to mutter and shuffle about, eventually getting themselves together.  “Ok.”  I looked around the room.  “Everyone here?  Everyone ready?”

“Yes, dad.”  My kids answered.  The kids that weren’t mine, I really wasn’t paying attention to.

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“Ok.  Ok.  Okokokok.”  I looked at each of the eager faces.  “We…”  I took a deep breath.  “We are going…”

“C’mon, Rad!”  Natalia insisted.

I ignored her, starting over again.  “We…”  Insert dramatic pause.  “We are going to…”

“Dad!”  They all yelled (again, I only heard my kids).

“We’re going to Disney World!”  I yelled, throwing my hands in the air.

Everyone turned to look at Jethro, who just rolled his eyes.  “Too soon, Rad.”  Natalia laughed.

“Finefinefine.”  I said with even more enthusiasm than the Disney World announcement.  “We’re going to Friendly’s.”  Then, just as quickly, I dropped it like it was hot.  “Let’s go.”  I said with as much fake annoyment as I could muster, holding the front door open for them to all file out.

just a great as Disney World!

“It’s probably not even open.”  Sarah muttered walking by.

“I know!  That’s what I said!”


Go forth for Part 2!


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