My ridiculously overpriced want of the week: Black Flash

My ridiculously overpriced want of the week: Black Flash

I briefly touched upon my feelings about vinyl toys in my post: “Discussion:  Funko 9in Pop! Heroes Batman”.  To summarize rather briefly, I’m pretty “meh” bout vinyl toys overall, but there are a few exceptions.  One being the Funko’s Pop! line and the other being DC Direct’s Uni-Formz line.

Now, I don’t have any of the figures in the Uni-Formz line.  They’re pretty cool, but the price point is the issue for your friendly neighborhood jman.  If you follow my Toy Valuation Theorem (TVT), their 59.99 price point make’s them completely not worth it.  But, I still watch them on ebay.  Cause you never know what life’s gonna bring you.

Well, because of this eBay watching I came across this guy:

Now I thought Professor Zoom was cool.  Black Flash?  Screw the TVT!  Must have!

go home professor zoom! you suck!

For this one particular auction, I watched Black Flash start out at 10 bucks .  Now, if they were retailing about 59.99, I figured he was going to go for about that give or take (and by that I totally mean “give”) ten bucks. So, in order to secure this guy, I was pretty committed to spending about 65.  More than that?  I’d have to see how the spirits were gonna move me.

Over the course of the 6 day auction, Black Flash rose to 61.50, which he hovered at for the last 24 hours of the auction.  I figured this one was in the bank.  With a 20 seconds left in the auction, or so, I put in my final bid and spent the rest of the time trying to figure out where I was gonna have him shipped (they call that “counting your chickens before they’re hatched).

In the last 5 seconds of the auction, he shot up to 105 bucks!  Wow!  Way too rich for my blood.

Needless to say, I didn’t win.

BTW…my max bid?  $72.  Thank GOD I didn’t win!  Cause I totally wasn’t comfortable paying that kind of money for him.

There’s always next time, I suppose.  In the meantime, I’ll just keep trolling eBay…



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